Battle of the self

Failure is a friend of success, in fact they are cousins. One cannot succeed without the monopoly of trial and error, so you made an err in judgement, so you tripped and fell on your head your mental arithmetic spinning out in pools of blood, your courage escaping time have a plan of not just action, but a plan to succeed. Most people throw a lucky dice, expecting to step out in boldness yet still camouflage with life. Do not be afraid of your five o clock shadow, you tick a risk, that risk should count towards your confidence.what you learned you should hold in your heart, we are not mannequins who are visually associative, yet expect little from life, we are people, with passions and dreams. Let those dreams follow you like a friend, stroke at your hair like a partner,holding you in a warm embrace.just keep going those of you with a positive mind, you are not beaten yet.

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