If the shoes don't fit don't force them

 Life. We all experience different trials and are told a series of things, heed advice with a little wisdom. People advise us based on their own experiences. It is important to remember that you will find your path, you will excel in your vision,just don't force shoes that don't fit. Don't try to become something else, be the best version of who you are. The lifestyles of others and their personalities may seduce you, but a lot of the time, people don't commit to telling us the whole story. We see their successes and triumphs and at times visualise becoming more like them. You are not a trial. Your personality your experiences are not a practice run, there is no practice run in life, you just have to love who you are and celebrate what you do. With practice comes precision, comes targets, comes success. You must be willing to bare the pain of success along with the triumph. 

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