Challenging the tsunami

Sometimes life can be very unpredictable and things happen to us that are out of our control. When you are in the midst of a tsunami, it is hard to think with a clear head, when chaos is coming at you with a rocket launcher, it's difficult to think, mind, strategy, planning. You must plan your happy strategy, much will change when you get to that place of fulfilment, when you find yourself in a position more powerful there will be new obstacles.

It is real now my agent said to me over the phone. And I realised whether there would be obstacles or not, I needed the mindset to believe I could challenge them. Cast them aside and with wit and ease return to dealing with life with some sardonic humour.
Maybe even wry humour.

It is a game of cards life is the player and it chooses to force your hand. It is important to believe you will triumph and become king or queen of your castle. It is very important that you plan each day.

For me I start the morning with a schedule in mind, breakfast tweets , and some blogging, next I face marketing my work on social media, Facebook, histogram, Twitter and continue to create and brand. Networking is key to any success, you must set timely goals for yourself , and achieve them at a set time. Complete tasks you set for yourself, and continue to be enterprising. Check out sites such as red dot, Huffington post, advertise for assistance on freelancer.
Just keep going, it is in your power to make a difference.

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