Red, amber,green: What it really means when someone touches the small of your back

Women around the world consistently ask the question: What does it mean when a guy touches the small of your back? The small of your back is an intimate part of the body, despite being on public display. The motion of putting your hands strategically on the small of a woman's back, is a move of guidance, protection, support even, and at numerous occasions sexual arousal. After all what does the back lead to,the bottom. In some cases a guy may touch the small of your back because he's thought about cupping your bottom, or stroking your body in some way. It mostly depends on the guy, but it also depends on you.

Some guys are naturally quite flirtatious, and a hand on the back is not exactly a passionate smooch. Some guys also do it innocently in a friendly gesture, to represent their comraderie and the natural ease they feel around you. Unless there are a series of other signals, that reflect an attraction, try not to put it under a magnifying glass. For example a guy i really liked once touched me in the small of my back, yet made a point to consistently show people around him how much he genuinely couldn't stand me. So it was touching the small of the back, 1 point, i hate you i hope you die, 10 million points.

Sometimes were so smitten with someone, the little things they do we convince ourselves means something. One of my ex's who wanted to get back together with me, would literally lay out every single piece of body language associated with me, and in his delusion transform it into an example of me having an attraction to him. Despite our conversations being about another boyfriend i was head over heels in love with. Every time i met him i felt like OJ Simpson in another court case. The evidence clearly points that way.That was number 100 on my ex's manipulative attempts to convince me to get back together with him. I am happy to say, the attraction wasn't there and it will never arrive.

I hate to say it but from a very unhollywood experience recently.If the person your attracted to, touches you in the small of your back....look for other signals. Staring, trying ways to get your attention, always looking for opportunities to walk you home, becoming more animated when your around, acting jealous when others are close to you, or reacting negatively or questionably when you bring up other guys, wanting to hold your hands, teasing, over complimenting, acting almost posessive or under threat when another guy is anywhere near your vicinity, acting shy or nervous around you, despite being slightly clueless when it comes to the dating scene at times....dare i say it's not arithmetic? Ultimately what it does mean for you though. Is if this guy has shown himself to be a nice guy, not a coward, or a bully, not a grating, attention seeking ego maniac, if you can see possibilities, then flash amber when your ready, and give him the greenlight.

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