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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taunting someone else's toxic spirit

image by aherim

Sometimes people will try and tear down your spirit, they will break you down, spread rumours in an attempt to make you feel inadequate. It is important to always remember who you are because people often tear us down, when their dealing with their own insecurities also. I always say know who you are, when we don't is when we find ourselves in the most trouble. Love yourself and don't let others destroy your spirit, build yourself up. Use books, music, watch things that motivate you, make plans and set new goals for yourself. You can do anything you set your mind too.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

High Tide

image by Nyktalgia

High tide;
The moon has sighed;
Destiny is at your side,
Confusion whispers;
Sweet nothings,
Conversations only god should hear
Then I sit
Or I stand here
Double checking the promise of
Thoughts left behind ,
Where are all your marbles,
In this life;
The ink is slick and wet;
I quirk my brow
I am perplexed
For it is high tide;
And the moon
For I am a child once more.

You are the Fire

image Kuschelirmel

You are the fire;
You are the storm
You are ambition
Fully formed
Like a well with water
And a river with fish
You are a sizeable dish,
A meal for a starving king
A brain that navigates
With all it's fuel
Pissing into the veins
Sweet liquid travelling
Life's poetic motions;
For we are the slim ones here;
Sliding between doors
And shades in between.

Red ebony

Captured inbetween

image by dreamyeyes

Deep in between
Engine oil pain
Puss of old love
Yellowing as the
Wound continues
The root of pain we
Decide unnecessary
I am my today,
And not yesterday
I am the eyes that
Seek a different
The hands that
Yearn to kiss new flesh
And the smile that craves it's
Polaroid existence
As champagne rivers
Drown us in irony,
And the tears which
Turn eyes to glass
Belch out the
History of our mistake
Our hopscotch youth
Recycles itself
And the whisper of fear
Leaves breadcrumbs in the darkness.

Red Ebony

Loveless Shame

image by Beetleman

This loveless shame
and who am i
To claim victory
For a love
That has no name,
A love with shadows
Love with
a tag attached to
walls of ice
This loveless shame
and who am i
in this paradise
A blind person
with all my eyes
Eyes cast downwards
Eyes on shoes
Refrigerator love
is much bad news
This loveless shame
and who am i
To claim victory
For a love
that has
no name

Red ebony

Completed with extra's: More to add

image by aherim

There are warriors in us all;
Lions fight Goliaths
ten foot tall
Though were scared and chomp
at bits
We climb barriers and
out of it
Pure vision lies
with Strength within
A soldier denies
to let light dim
Fight with passion
fight for life
we gasp for Oxygen
to survive
When you fail
Fight to thrive
This is you
upon the edge
Standing near
a jagged ledge
And all those questions
That you ask
Hidden in
Your faded mask
Wipe those tears
beyond glass eyes
For pain is buried
Drilled in deep
It lulls you
when you fall
Life as punisher
Life as friend
Riddles at the start
and end
Your recipe
for success within
let glowing lights shine
and beam
Detonate explosions of fear
Hold your head up
for your still here
For your still
The soldier rings
the shrill alarm,
We stand at ease,
and remain calm
snap our fngers
Lick dry lips
Tilt our heads
Prepare for  abyss
it's imagination
Be addicted
to your dreams
don't let them fester
let them steam
Heat them up,
Cook and boil
Nails are dirty
Let hands toil 
let the scent travel upon the air
smile at those fuckers
 your already there.

Red Ebony

self in between self

image by Araturiel

The inbetween self
Of you and I
Of me and you
And when and why 
As we move forward beyond the stills
Of mountains dim, 
Deep beneath our world
This endless night. 
We fight within 
Of fear and flight
We capture all the wild ones 
And as we fight 
We fight with fuel
For Ghosts that sweep
Beneath the realms 
The possibilities of an unchained 
Leave us restless in our spirits,
Hungry in our brains
Starved for the knowledge 
Our mind it craves.

Red Ebony