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Monday, 18 August 2014

Awkward ways

The awkward way
You smile at me
I capture your laugh
My fist
And when it bleeds
The nervous skitter of rubber eyes
The champions mask
A starlets cry
And as the wolves they circle still
I eat the flesh
A maggots meal
We crumble
To the acid
In the rum of glass
I only want the rope to burn
To mark your
And your stern
Brittle the form
A sculptures way
And scribble the exit
In our play

iron girl

image from smashing magazine

Lost girl
I've found your keys
I heard you
Blamed me
When you sneezed
The ink of pen
On shattered foot
Salt dust eyes
Which marred the soot
We blamed the door
It,s panelling
An iron oak
Which promised pain
The eucalyptus womb
Of Eggplant oil
The bits of squealing
Slaughtered brain
The nose it whispers
Paprika scents
Black pepper
Tiles an almost floor
And when you stepped
Beyond the frame
There were no shadows for now before
I christen all the hopes you kept
The dreams
That barked and then they slept
The wizards scar
The trolloppes teeth
The cauldron
Bubbled what you keep
For of the bats which hang and sting
My iron girl
Just turn the key
The watchmen lie near gates
Their eyes they claim
What ghosts don't see

his million dollar dreams

image from fallfade

Stand by me when the chips are down
When I can only
Count fingerbtonthumb
When pain has left me numb
And cheeks are scarred with failed attempts
I have coughed
And hiccupped
For these dreams
Torn out hair by each fine thread
Let its limbre leak on lap
And studied morgues of
Visions dead
This million dollar dream
Count the catch in each
Fine step
Study offices
Never kept
Were gold it brimmed
From sour thoughts
I am man magnificent, hungry in eye
Stealth in organs
That separate like jigsaw
The snail glue snot
In my sausage hand
Open your eyes
I am just a man

makevellian heat

image from paintingsilove

orange sun
With ripened glow
I look at you
And miss the snow
For these beads of sweat which
Often pool
Tell a story that' s far too true
This hanging waist
These snakeskin braids
These crusted feet
Like duck
I wade through
And narrow slim
I am lost and far within
The city
Streaked with pain
It,s ocean blue
And Midas sand
Rubber hands trudge on
As boulder limbs
For a throbbing womb
A pulsing neck
Which splits
Gushing with it
The silver foil

the dark misplaced face

image by

I should have
But never you mind
In the dark
Were blind as mice
Giant arithmetic
Counting ten
You eat the scrapes
Of your rotten fruit
Blizzard bleach to mar
The tide
The wolves they howl
A whimpered whines
Tarzan beats
Upon the hard shield
Of turtle chest
Kings build palace
The doll could have lived in
We pick bamboos
To line our hut
Becomes a stubborn slut
Egyptian silk
Mamboes with grace
Whilst he recalls
My misplaced face.

The policeman's siren

For the working girl
Porcelain lashes
And chocolate face
A mouth that pleads
To be disgraced
And legs which open gates
That close
I am your watermelon
Each nipple seed
My tongue
Not in your jurisdiction
The wise owls watch
From Brooke of electric streets
You claim the dance
You've marked this street
The fish and bird they build
Their nest
Upon the bank despite distress
From the yellow eyes
That claim the night
I am not the farmers daughter
Neither priestess
Belly hot
I age with acid which romps
The bones
The burn in corners
The mermaid moans
Upon the bed
The chorus sings
For our siren marks
The fruits of day
It's wetted flesh carouse
Our bay

the Icarus bird

image from the life normadik

College of suns
Were pyramid high
My Muhammed
Climbed his mountain high
Through dense Goliath
And old mans shame
Its golden rays
Rebirth his name
For you are no archangel boy
Upon the skid
The crust of whip
We lie timid
He touched the ash
Which melted flesh
Clay for fingers
To pupperteers
To an orbits debt
I chew the tongue
And spit it