Sunday, 10 April 2016

Million dollar countdown: lesson 1

Money is not the root of all evil , a lack of imagination is. We live in the digital age, we are transported into an abundance of others people's dreams, through a sphere a nexus, a platform allowing you to sell yourself and your vision. If you want to, why don't you. First of all you need to understand the demands of your target audience. What their complaints are, and what sacrifices you are willing to make to assist them. It takes objectivity, stepping away from Molly cuddling your product or idea to identifying it as something that can be used in the digital market to bring in capital and keen information and resources to your audience. They are buying what you know, endorsing you because they do not have the access, the persistence, or the time to cultivate such social assist. Welcome to the digital era, we are not uniformed lines of code, or chips, but in order to fulfill requirements we need a systemacy.
How do you make money online? Toubinvestvin your goals and objectives, getting yourself a mentor and building a database of contacts to guide you as possible.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Strength in sour times

Epilepsy. It's the one word I tried to ignore for most of my life not giving it president. A moment of chaos, weakness, and vulnerability, and yet I triumph bare. Anyone who deals with a disability has to focus on health first, self esteem and then the importance of business. Making social contacts and connections, celebrating your skills and your growth as a human being. It's real, it's there, but your annoying the panda at the coffee table have a dream to accomplish. Don't just believe in its potential believe in yours, when we chase dreams we are in the process of becoming, emerging from the crystals. In my journey I have worked with some top names, and yet it's not an advert for the second, hours, weeks or months I spent in their company. It is the celebration of crossing paths with people the universe agreed were a match for me. Great thinkers, and a steady stream of leaders, warriors, and others who were also searching for a sense of themselves. Do not loose yourself in an oblivion of thoughts with no action, whatever your passion take it by the reigns, and gallop all the way to your destination. You are leaving behind a legacy, in this lifetime, all the busy angels will stop what their doing just to hear your song

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Vasco da gamma shipwreck

Are you life shipwrecked with no clue which path to take? I call it the vasco da gamma life visit, where everything seems to be shelter skelter, and you find yourself picking bodies apparent, from the chaos. I.e Ex boyfriends and ex best friends, do not check out the lonely hearts column just yet. The universe is telling you something. Human beings are mobile and yet your life is at a stand still, because of the choices you made and the people you invested in. Do not allow yourself to be sucked into an emotional black hole, we invest in the characters that we do because of who we were at the time. Yet you are constantly evolving metamorphosing into a self whose skin you undeniably feel comfortable in, whose ideas you respect, and whose dreams you can believe in. Invest in yourself, in building the trust back up, love yourself, and believe in your potential. Whether you were lost at the bottom of the ocean you are rising and arriving at the shore.

Monday, 14 March 2016

How to make money blogging

With tunnel vision most of not all of us are fixated on the dream of having enough money to buy property , not have to go into work,spend time on holidays and enjoy a leisurely or an active lifestyle. A blog can do this? With quality content the right template, enough marketing and effective branding, your blog can take you to exactly where you want to go. Do not quit because it becomes hard, or your not arriving at your ideal number of hits and making a turnover, blogs take time to develop. Market and promote your blog effectively on social media, create campaigns that keep audiences buzzing , excited, interested. Pick something you are passionate about and give it your all. There is a psychology to blogging you are on one of the biggest international platforms in the world, you are digital . Sell the unique traits of your blog, it is marketable so long as you focus on a niche, who would buy into your blog, what products are you selling on top of the resources your providing, know the patterns of your audience. I call this blog psychology, which sites do they visit first before landing on your site? What time do your unique visitors, or your hits usually go up. This is why Alex's is necessary. You should be Alex's certified, so they can provide you with the metrics, including the effective keywords used to promote marketing and networking. Blogs can become little planets of information, community, and social leisure. Use the right maps to show how many hits your audience are providing you with, and all the different countries that your blog is popular in. From this you can decide how to map content according to the international audience, paying attention to what's trending. Use key sites such as
Stack overflow
New York Times
Article city
Info barrel
Article cube
The whir
Article alley
Constant content
Experts column

Buzz feed
Sooper articles

These sites will help you promote your blog and pay attention to key metrics such as bounce rate , and improve on the speed you deliver content. Attach a series of books to your blog and extra goodies, making sure there is an increase in the diversity and versatility of your blog. Most importantly, love what you do, blogging is hard work, yet when your blog eventually pays out, you could be in for a tidy sum of money.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

How to be a millionaire blogger

There are a number of prolific sites which allow you to use them as referral sites, from,aol, Yahoo, Buzz feed , hulu, histogram, even craigslist allows some input. It is important to be aware there is a database of information or news profile sites that require your creative input, and of course a necessary link to your webpage. Some bloggers go as far as buying traffic, yet that subject I will breach in later discussions.

Make the most out of capitalising on your most popular posts, you may create a series that provides resourceful and exciting information on events, marketing, branding, technology, whatever tickles your tastebuds include your own stamp. Make sure it has your signature, obviously not literally....hey whatever floats your boat.

At present as an international blogger whether it's travel blogging, or blogging about shoes, you need to know all the hotspots, the internet is a Mecca of information and access, expand your brand with a book series linked to your blog, if you design your own clothing or template brand.

Become an expert in a niche area ,the key to building great traffic is having a site which expands its horizons.providing books, ideas, podcasts as discussed in the earlier piece. For example 69,000 People downloaded my mini ebook, (lunchbox millionaire) based on an article I read. My next book titled what it really means when he touches the small of your back, is based on a dating article I wrote that became extremely popular, and of course there wis in fact a final draft I'm working on for Amazon titled, Beating bullies, and strategies for social media. As a blogger you are an influencer, start your affiliate ad promotion service with sites like chitika,blue host and of course google ad sense. Produce as many effective articles, that aid your readers. Expand the brand, your blog is simply a platform to get creative for now, the more you enjoy it, and pay attention to posting links and engaging your customers, the more your blog will begin to develop. See it as your audiences, breakfast or morning show, and be beyond consistent.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

How to make a million blogging

With some fab ideas of course and gradually building up your traffic. A lot of people complain they don't have enough traffic and yet that said, they don't produce enough content. The average amount your supposed to produce if you want a rise in your amount of hits and traffic is sixteen articles or more,per week. The old adage content is king, is without humour can be the difference between an improvement in sales and more hits on your counter. Use other platforms as well as your blog to attract viewers, as much as we focus on the aesthetics of our website, it is important to have a product which draws audiences in, and keeps them lusting for more. Create a series that provides resourceful information, run successful competitions, guest blog on such sites as Huffington post, triond, hub pages, squidoo. Input your articles in a magazine or on your social networking sites, the importance of a title that hooks audiences is key. Check out your competition, as much as content is king it's queen is research. Make sure your topic of discussion is well research. Your goal is to provide a service to your users. Your blog is not just a platform for expression, it is a gateway,of change for whoever invests in following it. You are helping them cultivate a dynamic future by using this platform to celebrate exciting topics , products, and provide info on effective affiliate marketing campaigns. First of all share your articles on social media, it is important to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, interest, and your other social networks to have access to productive information. Give tips and tricks, whilst discussing the cheapest locations to access the products. Pay attention to what is trending on both social media, and on sites like the yahoo and google homepage. Use Google trends and keyword optimisation to create the most effective posts Your blog is a business, it should have a unique selling point. If an investor were to buy your blog in the business of blog flipping, what is your angle, what is your unique selling point, how much are your followers willing to invest on your blogs products information. If you feel your blog or website is worth a lot of money, then produce content accordingly and have a highly effective social media strategy.