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Monday, 2 March 2015

a mystery. of mystique

just bad

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

jesters still

Abundant aces
Misplaced graces
Swallow do you remember
When the waters fresh
And cool and ripe
Charcoal sharks lurk
To give you strife
The scent of poison in the air
Abundant aces
Eyes that scream
Capture what was lost in dream
Grab your milk
Your baby blanket
For between the
We're jesters still

Five O clock feeling

Five o clock feeling.
 I am reeling from this five o clock feeling,
collar loosens from it's trunk,
hairs run through with glittering spunk,
This free me,
with buttons undone
as street lights blink gold
i meander through the cold,
 i think easily of  warmth and hearth
where the flame flickers
and the spice disappears,
a side of rum blank paper
to ears
A cosy bed
where elastic curls
my bubble gum winter
We nestle against becoming
the chalk on the ice
which no one knows
that buoyant place
where no one goes
 your chiselled features
the circus plans to keep
this seed away from ivory
A self one knows
could puss rejection
your blue with blisters,
Your account it lied
said you were christmas
your words were elapsing on the tongue, energy collapsing, crawl into the wake of a starawberry dream.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


image by Trina Hess

rocket booms
How many secrets 
hide in your room
Stories of malice
tendered and twisted
Slaughtering souls
You hate that
are gifted
Forsake i not
the clever catch,
Motorised in tidy batch
 Speakers announce
desired win,
For dreamers
are few and far between
This jaded world
 outside hence polished
damaged cells,
refuse acknowledge
Built by dreamers
Clutching clouds
Float on air
and scream out loud
We are unbreakable
This scribblings
and i
we'll sigh
with exhaustion
and loosen a tie
sedative skin
relax in our limbs
tease out
stranded words within.

Otatade Iseghohi Okojie