Saturday, 23 July 2016

The journey

The journey is long and arduous, many will perish along the way but you will not. It is your strength of character, your foresight your vision that will direct you to a well spring of ideas. Yet one of the things I've always suffered with is consistency, you must be consistent in order to accomplish your goals. Leadership is a lot to do with learning , as you are excelling you are growing. Growth is a painful process, rebirth is a painful process and yet here you are standing, breathing, believing still.

If the shoes don't fit don't force them

 Life. We all experience different trials and are told a series of things, heed advice with a little wisdom. People advise us based on their own experiences. It is important to remember that you will find your path, you will excel in your vision,just don't force shoes that don't fit. Don't try to become something else, be the best version of who you are. The lifestyles of others and their personalities may seduce you, but a lot of the time, people don't commit to telling us the whole story. We see their successes and triumphs and at times visualise becoming more like them. You are not a trial. Your personality your experiences are not a practice run, there is no practice run in life, you just have to love who you are and celebrate what you do. With practice comes precision, comes targets, comes success. You must be willing to bare the pain of success along with the triumph. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Avoiding negative people

Hecklers love to destroy the comedy stand up of others, and yet there are hecklers at life. Caught in their own prison of discontent eager to hook you into the bars that enclose them. It is a prison of the mind to judge everything with such negativity, it is with self contempt they provide cruel comments or jokes, because your making progress and they are not. When in the throes of your passion forgive yourself for listening to the hollowed voices of pain trapped in a cooling breeze. You are a visionary, you must listen to those who are ascending. Connect to those who believe in triumph. Evading negative people is the most empowering key to success.


It's the morning, and you know when a thought can spiral out of control,ascending you to a level of elevation, perhaps your mind could not meditate upon before. We trudge through the dreams of others, everybody real thing we see, experience, taste, was somebody's vision. The world creates more access and we listen to those on the sidelines saying it's impossible? What's impossible about it, research, goals, productivity, networking, building a stern foundation? Whenever you feel you are in an impossible place, change your frame of thought to a perspective of possibility. The comfort zone is something we challenge daily, letting a season of fireworks explode with the realisation, we can accomplish much, we can reach much, we just need to have a strategy.

Dawning of a new day

It's a new day and escapism is rife in the blood, we find ourselves wanting to avoid difficult scenarios. Challenge the fear you feel, stick it out and push through to validate yourself as a leader. It is not uncommon to feel anxious in New and different scenarios. We are a self that should not be denied full access. Change comes and it's often uncomfortable, we fear entering this new world,making ourselves accessible, and yet you must. You must taste the paradise you need to explore, engage in the self, that you would like to become. It is a matter of who you want to see when you look in the mirror.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The silent self

Yawn I say to people who try and tear us down, their boring. You have a right to express yourself and your strengths, you are a voice, you are someone else's sound in a mute world. The business and chaos may have flat lined temporarily, in the pursuit of noise and adventure we are privvy to sharp arrows and daggers at the back. No one should tell you who you are, you are the tiptoes when the world creeps into a lazy sleep.

In heat

In the heat of the moment we loose ourselves, and all sanity with it. It is a chorus from the self crying out to raise, to fight with daggers to claw at the enemy, and annihilate the threat. It is real when we loose someone we love and someone we care about. Loss is not something I often talk about, but it happens to all of us. The loss of a friend, a lover or a companion. People say you will heal, but it's as though a paper shredder has been taken to your heart, and you dare not sacrifice the memory. I don't know when it started to hurt the way it did, like acid burning through your veins, tasting bitterness on your tongue, feeling vampires float around you, draining your life source. I missed my best friend, it was almost like a dying and a reincarnation of the self. When you find yourself so close to where you want to be, so near to someone who truly understands you. The thing I remember most was her laugh it was like summertime and the click of shades over her pert features.

You are allowed to feel that void, that craziness that comes with looking someone or something, it is like a mania and a storm inside, swallowing you up in thunder, and shocking you with electric light. We miss the ghost of conversations passed, and the ringing of the phone hearing raspy voices tickle through the chords and echo into our eardrums. If your experiencing an absence of self, things, remember that you are permitted to have this cycle of feelings, and like the seasons they will pass.