Tuesday, 14 March 2017

November 4th novel excerpt

"sink or swim, what's your game?"I eyed Billy Giggle with a narrowed grey lens,christ I hated this ginger bastard. What was his problem?With me, with humans, with life?
"It's a toy Billy," I groaned letting my jet black hair spool over my shoulder. It was my pride and joy my hair, mother said we originated from the first Cherokees, and my hair made me look lean and gamely long as it was. I wasn't wearing no weave like the other black girls,i may not have their features but when I run my hands through my hair in  Jermaine Clarkson's class him and his friend Claudelle are simply hypnotised. I pretend like I don't see then start doing all these things in the loreal advert I saw, you know, " because I'm worth it," then I  look at billy whose cracking up, make a fart noise and say in a really masculine voice," can I go to the bathroom please miss?" Those idiots fall for it each time, and look at each other in confusion. I love head fuckin people like this. Last year I was really popular, then Sheila Madsen started this rumour that I was a transgender girl who had been abused. The whole school went wild with it, she also put in,"and she smells as well." After six months of being avoided, ignored, and the object of ridicule I realised what a tough place the world was. How nobody was your puppet like you think when your popular, in fact most of them secretly resent you. The only kid that would talk to me for miles was this fat kid, Billy Figgle. The same thing had happened to him kind of with Roger fenis, the worst player on the rugby team.Word was Billy's dad was the complete opposite of Billy, his parents were divorced and lived two completely opposite lives. His dad was some hot shot sports agent who had refused to sign ' the Fenis," who to his face they called him terminator of the pitch, and behind his back...they called him crap. There's strategy in the good old game, to win you have to be a tactician,but poor old Rodge hadn't been born with any of that. The boy could run I kid you not my friend,first one in the dinner line every time. Yet on the field when he was dragged down....It....was.....merciless. The more people talked about Rogers failures, the more he resented Billy...and made his life as unbearable as it could get.

Anyway I miss my point,im always missing my point.Me and Billy are circling the pool in the sports gym after sneaking out of double science watching the teddy bear with the spliff in its mouth, to see if it sinks or swims.
" Sink or swim Dick sponge,"
"It'll float, or you'll have to put your lifeguard costume and jump in to save it."He smiles sheepishly. " Tranny I don't have a baywatch bod like you." I guess this is what my life has come too,i am defending my sister's Teddy Bear Albert. Shit I had no one else to defend anymore,dad was gone , "Olivia your mother and I are taking a little sabbatical from one another," translation DIVORCE.
"Were different people," and I wonder if he says that to convince himself when his sleeping with the tea lady at his job as a Market research team leader, or one of those stupid title jobs your supposed to grow out of when you finish uni. Funny that, how Dad doesn't think I know stuff, maybe it's the way I write things down, all those letters I sent him when he'd been inside. I wish they'd been neater, trimmed like a haircut, perched neatly on the page like an egg lined with soldiers, instead they were wild and erratic, panicked, with words like We need you, and Why did you do this, at the time I needed to understand.Now I know that things are charcoal and grey, or blurred in between watercolours. Mum made me understand as best as I could,ive found it hard to meet my fathers true gaze since then. Billy says a true gaze is when you see right through someone, like you trust them. " You should know what some grownups get up to,"my mother lied,her pencil frame almost a strand in the wind.I wiped the tears from her cheeks as she cuddled me on the landing, where the rats had half eaten her fake Persian rug.

I hang out with William Figgle because I guess mum and dad's divorce really messed me up,mum says figgs is messed up too.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Fifty shades of digitisation

I read somewhere that first drafts are like scooping sand into a bucket, so later on you can build sand castles. Thank-you Instagram. That helped so much. Many of you know I have been working on my series of novels for #deliciousDecember which I am extremely excited about. It's my opportunity to challenge that creative part of myself which sees the blank page and is absolutely horrified. There's nothing more frustrating than a barren page, or for me a pen which bears no fruit. This morning I endured another dose of #fiftyshadesofgrey, wow that film is sinfully hot. Would have liked to watch it with some butterscotch popcorn and some Bailey's😇,but enjoyed it none the less. I love the sexual tension and the chemistry between the two characters. What I love more though is the marketing behind fifty shades, how it was publicised and the fact that it was vanity publishing. I believe in this new age of evolving digital technology and independent authors there is much to learn.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The four billion hit challenge: Tune in

Four billion hits this is my goal for redebony this month,so those of you who are fans of the site, tune in, I plan to fail my way to success.  As a creative we need that daily dose of motivation,inspiration,and drive,i was flicking through my collage of manuscripts and looking at ways to channel creativity. Ideas are delicious things but we falter at the wake of them, terrified to implement action to those goals we put in place. Procrastination creeps in like a seductive odour charming us away with delicious fear. What is ailing you about your latest project? What is creating the block? Are you a perfectionist? A lot of people announce this as though it is something to be proud of, they tell you to announce it in interviews so you can get the job, we often think it makes us sound smarter,more organised, yet the reality is....some of the most stagnant people in our society,and the most successful are perfectionist. There are two sides of a very shiny coin. Perfectionism is also about anxiety, clack of confidence and procrastination. Believe in what you can do and take bold steps towards it.Redebony

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Inviting a dream

I thought to myself this morning it must be a very frustrating thing to be a dream, to have such a future awaiting you, traveller, yet your means of transport lacks the fuel to give you the rebirth you require. It is a season for dreams to usher us in and whisper the deliciousness of their adventures. For them to be able to pitch themselves and auction their beauty for sale. For your mind, I will give you your dreams , for your vision I will give you your dreams, for your habits and your discipline, I will give you your dreams. Yet do not fear to be a unique signature on a stamped envelope, the universe demands. Do not fear to hold your colours boldly to the mass stand at the top of the lighthouse and wave for a tired dream to stumble it's way to your golden shores.